No1 Music Group is FSP's label for releasing music on internet. The label is connected to Phonofile Norway (a digital music distribution company, established in 1999 by FONO) for worldwide distribution.

All of PK Farstad's instrumental CD's are distributed through No1 Music Group and Phonofile. Search for "PK Farstad" on Spotify or iTunes, and all his productions will be displayed.

Instrumental CD-productions

2. "Canaro". CD from 1991 with music from different genres.

1. "Music From Four Centuries". LP in 1987, CD in 1993, for solo classical guitar.

3. "Guitar Menu". CD from 1996 with guitar music from five genres.

4. "Galant Guitar". Double-CD from 1999/2000 with baroque lute music transcribed for eight-stringed guitar.

5. ”Without Words” (CD from 2003 with music from different genres)

6. "Music Antique" CD from 2006 with guitar and lute music from the Renaissance and Baroque - period.

7. "Intimacy" (CD from 2007, a soaking-CD)

8. "Swing Picking Guitar" (CD from 2011 with jazz, swing and country music)

9. "Bach and Brescianello". CD from 2017. Music for     8-string guitar and Mandora

10. "Impressio". CD from 2018. Norwegian contemporary composers.

11. "Back to the 60's". CD from 2018. Instrumental guitar music, mainly from the 1960's